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NewsA new kit for offroading in your Tesla Model Y and some...

A new kit for offroading in your Tesla Model Y and some new additions for the Chinese-built vehicle

  • These wheels are designed to withstand a day far from the road.

  • No need to wait for the Cybertruck, this new kit can do the trick for now.

  • The Chinese Model Y has received a few modifications for 2024.


Nowadays, off-road tires and black plastic panels have become almost more important than aerodynamics. Even genuine 4x4s are going electric. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe is just one example, while a vehicle like the GMC Hummer EV has been designed to overcome the most difficult obstacles, with zero emissions into the atmosphere.

The new UP-03 wheels. | Photo: Unplugged Performance.

As for Tesla, the long-awaited Cybertruck should, in principle, fulfill this mission of attracting consumers interested in off-road trails and adventure far from the city. But there’s no need to wait for the angular pickup, especially if your off-road ambitions aren’t too extreme.

The new UP-03 wheels. | Photo: Unplugged

Indeed, Unplugged Performance is now offering the possibility of adding a dose of ruggedness to the Model Y, the brand’s best-selling vehicle, let’s not forget.

The company, which specializes in customizing Tesla products, has added this set of wheels equipped with beadlock rims specifically for use away from the tarmac. These UP-03 Beadlock rims can accommodate off-road tires, but it’s also possible to use them on the road, with a set of DOT tires obviously.

The new UP-03 wheels. | Photo: Unplugged
The new UP-03 wheels. | Photo: Unplugged

The only snag in this story is the asking price for these special 18″ diameter rims. The unit price is $1,123.75, in US dollars. That’s quite an expense for a vehicle that doesn’t necessarily have what it takes to withstand a day’s off-road driving.

Meanwhile in China…

And while we’re about the Tesla Model Y, Chinese consumers can already order an updated version of the crossover. We’re not talking about a revolution here, but even so, the time to 100 km/h has been cut by one second in the basic single-engine livery, while a set of wheels has been redesigned. Inside, a new decorative LED strip enhances the living space for passengers, as do the new materials made available to dress the dashboard.

Range has also been revised upwards, with the vehicle now capable of driving an estimated 554 km for the Chinese market. The extended-range version can travel up to 688 km before needing to stop for a recharge.

At the time of writing, Tesla had not communicated any changes for North America, but it’s clear that the local Model Y will be revised in the coming months.


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