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NewsA New Update for 190,000 Volvo Owners

A New Update for 190,000 Volvo Owners

Volvo added over-the-air capabilities to all of its new vehicles.

Volvo has just added the ability to receive remote updates for other models in its lineup, after introducing it on its pure electric models. The remote update is now available for the most recent deliveries of the XC90 SUV, the S60 sedan and the V60 wagon. Volvo confirms that this ability to receive remote upgrades is available for its entire lineup.

The first update scheduled for this week will be implemented in the infotainment system with the latest version of the system developed by Android. Owners of the affected vehicles will also have access to new apps on Google Play, including navigation, charging and parking, while the ability to watch “streaming” videos.

“By enabling all Volvo models to receive over-the-air updates, we are making significant progress towards our ambition to make our customers’ cars better every day […] This is an important step: we are now updating cars in all models in a majority of our markets, bringing the benefits of continuous remote updates to more and more customers,” said Henrik Green, product manager at Volvo.

Another facet of the new update is improved energy management, with the aim of maintaining a constant temperature on cold days, but also on warmer days. Recharging time has also been reduced, including preconditioning of the battery and the brand’s app to keep owners informed of the charging process, now gives more updates to its owner.

As stated by Volvo, this update, the eighth of the brand, will apply to more than 190,000 vehicles worldwide.


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