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News Acura NSX Type-S : US Cars Sold Out in Under 24 Hours

Acura NSX Type-S : US Cars Sold Out in Under 24 Hours

Demand has been strong for Acura's ultra-limited NSX Type-S

  • The Type-S is a more aggressive and powerful version of the NSX

  • Production is limited to 350 Type-S models, 300 of which for the US market

  • Orders were all taken within the first day, with 100 more customers on the waiting list

Acura launched the Type-S, a tweaked version of its NSX sports car, a few weeks ago and now the company confirms all cars intended for the United States were sold in the first 24 hours of availability.

The Type-S visually distinguishes itself from other NSX models by featuring a more aggressive front-end treatment and carbon fibre accents in the form of the side sills and the rear diffuser.

The biggest differences are located in the mid-mounted engine compartment. Indeed, the Type-S receives bigger turbochargers, courtesy of the NSX Evo race car, and a bigger battery, which allows its V6 hybrid powertrain to produce 600 horsepower and 492 pound-feet of torque.

The transmission also does its part to help, the 9-speed dual-clutch unit receiving modifications that quicken upshifts by 50 percent and a rapid downshift mode.

An added benefit of the bigger hybrid battery is an increased all-electric range.

Pricing for the US market NSX Type-S is set at $169,500, and an optional weight reduction package can be selected, boosting the price to $182,500.

Being a limited edition, Acura intends to produce only 350 NSX Type-S units for the global market, with 300 of them allocated to the United States, where they will be made, and where the demand is the highest.

So high, in fact that all 300 cars were accounted for by the end of the first day and the waiting list is now stretching to 100 potential customers.

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