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NewsAcura unveils its first EV, the 2024 ZDX

Acura unveils its first EV, the 2024 ZDX

The Acura brand is lagging in terms of electrification, but the luxury division can now start seducing customers interested in the electric movement. Acura has just unveiled its first electric vehicle, the 2024 ZDX.

The electric crossover seems to take the basics from the Chevrolet Blazer EV, the new model from Acura that offers similar proportions to the American electric crossover. What is clear is that the Japanese manufacturer is using GM’s Ultium platform for this new product. The Honda group is embarking on its electric adventure with “turnkey” technology from the American giant.

Acura also unveiled some details on the regular (or A-SPEC) version and the one that will wear the Type S badge, which will be entitled to a 500-hp powertrain. Unsurprisingly, both variants of the electric ZDX are equipped with a pair of electric motors, although the manufacturer remained silent on the power of the ZDX A-SPEC.

Acura’s foray into the electric crossover segment will be costly, with the Canadian wing indicating that the ZDX A-SPEC will sell for more than $80,000 (in Canadian dollars) and the Type S livery will command a higher sum at $90,000 (still in Canadian dollars). Notice to those interested, the pre-sale of the first Acura EV will begin later this year. As for the deliveries of the first vehicles, they will take place in the spring of 2024.

Inspired by the concept 

The presentation of the ZDX production model is reminiscent of that of the Precision EV concept unveiled last year. In fact, the changes are minimal, the new ZDX 2024 which almost entirely resumes the lines of the 2022 prototype. At the front, the shield is embellished with this “closed” grille and headlights similar to those of the most recent creations of the brand.

The profile of the crossover is also very close to the concept, while the huge 20-inch (A-SPEC) and 22-inch (Type S) wheels spill the beans on the vehicle’s American origins. Indeed, the rims are held in place by six nuts, the same as for many GM utility vehicles.The rear portion of the ZDX is also reminiscent of the brand’s other utilitarian vehicles, especially with these stretched taillights.

An interior with an American flair 

A brief look at the dashboard confirms the relationship with General Motors products, in particular the fonts used in the two screens (the information gauge behind the steering wheel and the one in the center of the dashboard. Elsewhere, the other controls (window switches, climate control and even the steering wheel are all GM original.

However, the choice of audio system is exclusive to the new model, as well as to several vehicles in the Acura lineup in the future. The manufacturer recently concluded an agreement with Bang & Olufsen, which will be responsible for the audio systems on board Acura vehicles. Also remember that the infotainment system, which was developed by GM, comes with embedded Google technology.

A promising ZDX Type S? 

The spiced version does not only have a more powerful powertrain. To withstand more engaged driving, the vehicle gets 22-inch rims, Brembo brakes, height-adjustable suspension and near-perfect weight distribution between the front and rear axles.

We should also mention that the ZDX is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 102 kWh, in addition to being able to be recharged at a rate of 190 kW. According to Acura, it is possible to add 120 km of range in about 10 minutes. Eventually, the ZDX A-SPEC would be able to drive 500 km before having to stop to refuel in precious energy.



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