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NewsAcura ZDX On Display in Cool New Ad Spot

Acura ZDX On Display in Cool New Ad Spot

ZDX launches soon

  • ZDX and DMX a natural collaboration?

  • ZDX looking cool and going sideways


Acura has just launched a new ad for the upcoming ZDX EV. The company is hoping that ZDX is gon’ give it to ya, but the whole thing has us feeling a little bit old.

The spot is called “Unlock the Energy” and it shows an Acura ZDX being driven in a highly stylized world. It starts with some lessons before the key is unlocked. Lesson one is about legacy, though the legacy behind the ZDX comes from GM’s Ultium platform so we’re not sure that Acura really wants you to think too hard about it.

The second lesson is about energy and control, and the third is about silence. Because this is an EV, and it’s AWD, get it? The last lesson is a reminder that there will be a Type S model. The dual-motor Type S is expected to make 500 hp and have an EPA range of 288 miles. It will also have adaptive dampers and air suspension.

All of the lessons are set to DMX, and there are some sweet driving scenes included. But what’s the key really? It’s the Acura Energy Key Card that the company has offered to reservation holders. It comes with discounts and free access to Acura-sponsored events like the Sundance Film Festival and Acura GP of Long Beach. There will be discount prices from Topgolf and Bang & Olufsen as well.

Deliveries of the new ZDX are expected to start early this year. And Acura probably should have used artist Ludacris, instead, the proud owner of an Acura Legend.



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