Saturday, September 23, 2023
News Advanced Lenses and AI Revolutionize Driving with Enhanced Vision

Advanced Lenses and AI Revolutionize Driving with Enhanced Vision

Harnessing AI to Enhance Driver Safety

  • New AI-aided lenses optimally adapt to varied driving conditions, improving vision and reducing glare.

  • Designed from comprehensive data and professional insights, lenses target common visual challenges of drivers.

  • Set to release in July and August globally, these lenses mark Shamir’s innovation stride.

Shamir Optical Industry, a subsidiary of the EssilorLuxottica group, has announced the release of its latest product, the SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE lenses. Developed using advanced technologies, these new lenses are intended to provide optimal vision for a range of drivers, from professionals to regular users, under all driving conditions.

The company has carried out extensive research and development, involving artificial intelligence (AI) measurements and consultations with professional racing drivers from the BWT Alpine F1 Team. The new product is an outcome of these efforts, designed to reduce glare and enhance visual fields, thereby improving reaction times and road awareness.

According to company sources, the decision to develop these lenses was prompted by the need to address common visual challenges faced by drivers. Surveys indicate that one in five drivers experience eye fatigue and 25% have difficulties with focusing quickly on varying distances. Modern in-car technology, such as digital screens and bright LED lights, add to these disturbances.

The SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE lenses have been designed based on comprehensive data about head movements and eye-tracking. This, in conjunction with AI and insights from professional drivers, has allowed the development of a lens solution adapted to individual needs and all driving conditions.

The new product comprises two pairs of glasses, designated “Sun” and “Moon” for daylight and nighttime driving, respectively. The “Sun” lens has an advanced filter to enhance colour perception and reduce sun glare, while the clear “Moon” lens has been optimized for low-light and nighttime driving, reducing visual noise and eye fatigue.

Gaze points distribution in the driver environment | Photo: Shamir

Shamir’s CEO, Mr. Yagen Moshe, said, “We are proud of our partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team, which has allowed us to drive performance lenses to new levels and contribute to innovation for us both. The rich insight and extensive data received from professional drivers under conditions of extreme challenges have enriched our Big Data set and have been invaluable in the development of the new driving-dedicated performance lens.”

“Going the extra mile with this valuable partnership, Shamir exercises its ability to see through the eyes of its consumers, to study the environment, the activities and needs of the users, and then to apply the most advanced technologies, including elements of AI, to maximize the user experience. The lens solution we have developed upgrades the driving experience to premium, allowing drivers (professional as well as passionate and everyday drivers) to enjoy clarity of vision, whether of the road ahead or of the image in their mirrors, bringing them safely to their destination,” he added.

The SHAMIR DRIVER INTELLIGENCE lenses will be available from Shamir’s optical outlet partners in the EU from July, and in Asia-Pacific countries and North America starting from August. The launch represents the latest milestone in Shamir’s ongoing efforts to develop innovative performance lenses.

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