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NewsAGTZ Twin Tail Lets You Swap Your Car's Bodywork On Demand

AGTZ Twin Tail Lets You Swap Your Car’s Bodywork On Demand

The car that comes with two rear ends

  • Twin tail takes inspiration from vintage racer

  • Tails can be swapped quickly for cool party trick

It’s tough to make your supercar stand out these days, but La Squadra and Zagato have found a way. The AGTZ Twin Tail has, es, two tails. Taking inspiration from a vintage Alpine racecar and letting you pick from long or short depending on your mood, the race track, or maybe the size of your garage?

Appropriately for a car inspired by the 1960s Alpine A220, the AGTZ Twin Tail is based on the Alpine A110 sports car. But it’s not just a reshelled version of that car, Zagato has replaced the aluminum panels of the original with a new set of carbon fibre panels.

Nearly everything about it is new, with Zagato adding is double-bubble roofline and ditching the A110’s giant and somewhat awkward center-mount driving lights.

The Twin Tail is 4,305 mm long in short tail configuration, around 130 mm longer than an A110. Pop on the long tail and it grows to 4,799 mm making this a car of very unusual proportions. It’s all back.

La Squadra and Zagato say it’s simple to swap tails. The driver can detach or re-attach the carbon bits “on a whim”, taking just a few minutes and a few tools. The longer tail comes with better high-speed stability and a claimed higher top speed of 250 km/h.

The companies will build 19 copies of the car, which use the A110’s 252 hp 1.8L turbo-four. Buyers can pick optional carbon wheels and a Supersprint exhaust to help stand out even more. The AGTZ Twin Tail makes its debut before a crowd at FuoriConcorso on the shores of Lake Cuomo


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