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NewsAlfa Romeo Boss Says 1,000 hp Electric Giulia Coming for 2025

Alfa Romeo Boss Says 1,000 hp Electric Giulia Coming for 2025

Alfa Romeo will not forget performance with electrification

  • Alfa boss says Giulia to go EV in 2025

  • Will be followed by crossovers in 2026, 2027

Alfa Romeo is planning one heck of a super sedan. A new electric-powered Giulia that will make 1,000 horsepower in Quadrifoglio form, using the latest Stellantis EV architecture.

“The Giulia is back,” Alfa boss Jean-Philippe Imparato told Top Gear magazine. “Alejandro [Mesonero-Romanos, design chief at Alfa] is on it at the moment. We have to design a Giulia we will love. A connection with the past without jeopardising the future.”

Imparato said that the new Giulia would offer a 350 hp basic model, an 800 hp Veloce, and then that big-dog Quadrifoglio. The vehicle would have 800V electrics for ultra-fast charging, and Imparato suggested that it would have a range of up to 500 miles.

The Alfa executive even had a new word to describe the electric performance models. He called them “electroleggera,” a nod to electric power and super light or “superleggera” in Italian.

A sedan would come before the planned electric Stelvio crossover replacement. Imparato told TG that this was because range was more important for EV buyers, and sedans have better electric range than crossovers.

The two are set to arrive in 2025 and 2026, with a larger EV dude the next year. Imparato called that product planning “locked.” He said that styling and dynamics would set the car apart from other Stellantis EVs.

Of course, Alfa wants to do more. Like a new coupe that would be something that could sit beside the Alfa 8C in the company’s museum. Alfa has already teased this one to potential customers and has enough deposits for the entire production run. The company just has to decide if it wants to go forward or send back the cash.



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