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News Alfa Romeo Could Bring Back the Alfetta as a Toyota GR86 Fighter

Alfa Romeo Could Bring Back the Alfetta as a Toyota GR86 Fighter

Alfa Romeo Could add a fastback to its European lineup later in the decade.

  • This model could be a two or five-door fastback.

  • It could share its powertrain with the Tonale.

  • The Alfetta would most likely be offered only in Europe.

Alfa Romeo says it has plans to bring back a small fastback to its lineup, possibly under the Alfetta nameplate.

Few details are known at the moment about this future model since it isn’t expected to reach buyers before 2027 or 2028, which is why it still isn’t entirely clear whether it will be a two or five-door model.

Both outcomes are possible since earlier plans hinted at in 2018 called for the return of the GTV, a model which had traditionally always been a two-door while more recent developments say this upcoming model could replace the Giulietta, which is a five-door hatchback.

Since the brand’s CEO said in an interview that this model will have a fastback shape, it is likely that even if the Alfetta is a five-door model, its overall appearance will be quite different from the current Giulietta.

If the car is actually a two-door, everything suggests it could be aimed directly at the Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ since it will also be a small sports car.

Official information about powertrains and platforms has yet to be revealed, but it is possible that the Alfetta will share both with the Tonale, the brand’s smallest SUV.

This means that the new model could be offered in both gasoline and plug-in hybrid forms.

Since smaller models are not very popular in North America, it is unlikely that the Alfetta will make it across the Atlantic.

Furthermore, the brand’s CEO said that he knows such a model is a “very European formula”, meaning that it is not expected to appeal to many buyers outside of the continent.

This is why the launch of the Alfetta depends on the success of the Tonale and other upcoming models such as the large EV which is currently under development in the United States.

If these models do well in terms of sales and brand image around the world, the automaker will then be able to work on a new model destined only for sales in Europe.

Source: Drive

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