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NewsAlfa Romeo is planning 4 new EVs by 2027

Alfa Romeo is planning 4 new EVs by 2027

  • A bigger crossover is planned.

  • The Giulia/Stelvio duo will go electric.

  • The very first EV from the brand is expected next year for the European market.


Since the arrival of the Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover on our roads, aficionados have been waiting to see what is next in this race towards electrification. The Italian brand doesn’t currently offer any fully electric vehicle, but this situation is set to change by next year with the arrival of a small urban vehicle bound for the European market. There is more news for the coming years too, if the latest statements from the brand’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, are anything to go by.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale | Photo: Alfa Romeo

Indeed, Alfa Romeo’s most senior figure told the British magazine Autocar that a new crossover, larger than the current Stelvio, would be added to the automaker’s range to compete with the latest electric creations in the mid-size luxury segment. These include the future electric Porsche Cayenne, the BMW iX, the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV and even the Tesla Model X, amongst others.

The future model will be based on the same SLTA Large platform planned for the replacements of the Giulia sedan and Stelvio sports crossover, both of which will switch to electric propulsion when they are redesigned. The new utility vehicle, larger than the Stelvio, may also be entitled to the same powertrains as the other two.

In fact, the possibility of three-motor variants – with power estimated to up to  1,000 hp for the Quadrofoglio badged versions – is very real. In less performance-oriented variants, it’s even possible that a pair of engines could be installed on the rear axle, making the crossover a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

What’s clear is that the automaker is determined to maintain its reputation as a brand that focuses on driving enthusiasm. On this subject, the brand’s CEO also indicated that the technological content would be enhanced in future products, without however affecting the sporty behavior of the automaker’s various models. What’s more, rear-wheel-drive architecture also seems to be a priority for Alfa Romeo.

One year earlier

Fortunately, North American consumers won’t have to wait until 2027 to see a new electric model emerge from the brand’s workshops. In fact, the next Stelvio is expected somewhere in 2026, and will be powered entirely by electrons, just like the Giulia sedan expected a year earlier. The year 2025 will therefore be very important for the brand’s electric future, albeit from a North American perspective. Indeed, as early as next year, the European market could be the scene of a new urban crossover based on the Jeep Avenger, already on sale on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Giulia/Stelvio tandem will therefore switch to electric power, with on-board 800 V technology, which should enable very rapid recharging times. What’s more, Stellantis plans to introduce its solid-state battery technology in 2026. Will we see these batteries on board new Alfa Romeo models? It’s too early to tell, unfortunately.

As for the potential of these future electric models based on the STLA Large platform, Alfa Romeo is said to be aiming for an estimated range of 800 km, thanks to a battery capacity of up to 118 kWh. Finally, engine power will range from 350 to 1,000 hp for the Quadrifoglio variants.

Alfa Romeo’s electric future is just around the corner. We’ll just have to wait a few more years.


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