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NewsAlfa Romeo Junior Finds 39 More Horses. Under Back Seat, Probably

Alfa Romeo Junior Finds 39 More Horses. Under Back Seat, Probably

Alfa EV gets more power to match new name

Alfa has just announced an extra 39 electric horses

Junior née Milano now makes 278

It’s a little late in the process, but Alfa Romeo has just found a funny little surprise in its Junior Veloce EV. The quickest version of the Alfa Romeo Junior EV will now make 39 hp more than planned and expected.

The Alfa Junior has already had enough problems for the brand. You might recall it was previously called the Milano until a government official claimed that Alfa was breaking the country’s laws by giving an Italian name to a vehicle built in Poland. At least this one is more positive for the car.

Alfa had claimed its electric motor would make 237 hp, an impressive figure for the supermini EV. But now, after finishing all of the development work, the company has found out it actually makes 278 hp. Revealing that change just weeks before it goes on sale is an odd development, but maybe it was new all along and had been planning to save the extra oomph for a later version? The 278 hp figure puts it on par with the Veloce models of the Giulia, Stelvio, and Tonale.

To help make sure the motor can send all that power and its 254 lb-ft of torque to the front tires, Alfa Romeo has fitted the car with a Torsen limited-slip front differential. IT will also have 380mm front brakes and 20-inch performance tires.



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