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NewsAlfa Romeo Says its EVs will Look Like Gasoline-Powered Models

Alfa Romeo Says its EVs will Look Like Gasoline-Powered Models

Alfa Romeo says its electric vehicles will not be styled differently from its gasoline-powered models.

  • Many electric vehicles are adopting new design languages for aerodynamic purposes

  • Alfa Romeo believes cars still need to have an emotional design

  • According to the brand’s chief designer, having a distinctive EV design doesn’t make sense when every car is going electric

The current styling trend in the automotive industry is to give a very distinctive design to new electric vehicles in order to make them stand out from models with combustion engines. Still, not every automaker thinks this is the way to go.

Indeed, Alfa Romeo signalled that it is determined to style its upcoming electric models to look like its gasoline models.

This is because the Italian company believes that cars should have an emotional design that attracts the eye but not one that screams “electric vehicle”

The brand’s chief designer says that despite the different proportions required in electric vehicles, his team will not make future models look purposely different simply because they are electric.

According to him, the strategy that consists in making EVs very different from traditional vehicles, even those of the same automaker, was working a few years ago when electric vehicles were new on the market, but not anymore.

Indeed, with every automaker and every model going towards electrification, making every car look purposefully like electric vehicles will result in every vehicle on the market looking similar.

Alfa Romeo’s strategy is to keep its traditional design elements and adapt them to its crop of upcoming electric vehicles in order to make them recognizable as Alfa Romeo models, not EVs.

The first results of this strategy will be unveiled in 2024 when the brand is said to launch an electric SUV that will sit below the new Tonale in its lineup.

Alfa Romeo is also aiming to only sell electric vehicles by 2027 in a number of world markets including Europe and North America, which means that we will see many more models be introduced during the decade.


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