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NewsAlfa Romeo Wants to Buck the Screen Trend

Alfa Romeo Wants to Buck the Screen Trend

The Alfa Romeo CEO thinks that physical buttons still have a place in modern cars

  • Alfa Romeo planning to go all-electric by 2027.

  • Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato is no fan of the trend.

Of the many ongoing races in the automotive industry, one involves screens. More screens and giant ones at that. Of the many issues with huge screens is that they typically replace physical controls. Alfa Romeo doesn’t want to integrate massive digital displays in their cars because they believe that the old ways still have merit.

2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce Ti | Photo: Alfa Romeo

And we must agree. Criticism around new cars is no longer limited to styling and performance as all things infotainment have become critical purchasing criteria. The unfortunate side-effect of this trend is that, as the screens get bigger, they leave no room for actual physical buttons. Alfa Romeo CEO Imparato wants to avoid heading in this direction.

As reported by CarBuzz, Alfa’s Boss said, “I don’t sell an iPad with a car around it, I sell an Alfa Romeo,” Essentially, he’s stating that future Alfa Romeo vehicles will have “as few screens as possible,”

Alfa Romeo Tonale concept | Photo: Alfa Romeo

With little doubt, he’ll be doing Alfa Romeo a favour as some brands, following negative feedback and criticism, reverted back to physical buttons. Bottom line is that an Alfa is about the driving experience and not how many or how big the screens are.


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