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NewsAlfa Romeo wants to focus on quality

Alfa Romeo wants to focus on quality

  • The new Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV will definitely help.

  • By 2027, Alfa Romeo will be an electric brand.

  • Quality versus quantity, that’s the new challenge for Alfa Romeo.


Alfa Romeo, like all the other divisions in the Stellantis Group, is preparing its transition to the electric era, but to get there, the Italian brand does not intend to pursue strategies where volume trumps quality. And while it’s true that the brand’s return to North American soil didn’t go entirely according to plan, Alfa Romeo now prefers to stick to this way of dealing with its clientele.

We already know that by 2027, Alfa Romeo‘s lineup will be entirely electric, leaving four full years where the automaker will continue to market its vehicles with internal combustion engines. After that, Alfa Romeo will be exclusively electric and should occupy the second place in the Stellantis organization chart in terms of prestige, just behind Maserati.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale | Photo: Alfa Romeo

Interviewed on the matter in a piece on Automotive News on what he plans to do to turn around Alfa Romeo’s results on the continent, Vincent Noirbent, vice-president of planning and transformation for Alfa Romeo in North America, said that customer satisfaction is far more important than sales right now.

According to Noirbent, Alfa Romeo has a 10-year plan and its financial stability is assured for the time being. In fact, it seems that this customer-centric philosophy is paying off, as Alfa Romeo finished first in the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index, with a nine-place jump, the most impressive jump amongst luxury brands.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale | Photo: Alfa Romeo

Alfa’s commitment to improving the customer experience is paying off. It topped the J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index in November by moving up nine spots. This 25-point improvement is the largest among premium brands. Alfa Romeo’s favorable position demonstrates that it is possible to satisfy customers without being at the top of the sales charts. Alfa Romeo must therefore try to retain this title in the months and years to come.

The arrival of the new Tonale subcompact crossover later in the second quarter of 2023 will certainly help the brand’s strategists in the U.S. and Canada, but all indications are that the Dodge Hornet cousin will be the model of choice to drive sales in North America. Alfa Romeo, with its Tonale PHEV, certainly wants to build on this momentum of satisfied customers. In the long run, this could pay off big for the company. With more satisfied customers, Alfa Romeo can only be better off.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale | Photo: Alfa Romeo


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