Friday, August 19, 2022
News Alfa Romeo will Develop a Larger Vehicle in the United States

Alfa Romeo will Develop a Larger Vehicle in the United States

Alfa Romeo intends to develop a new, larger model in the United States ahead of its debut in 2027.

  • This model could be an SUV or a sedan since the brand is still undecided

  • Since its primary market will be the US, that’s where it will be conceived

  • Alfa Romeo expects it to arrive in 2027, meaning it will most likely be electric

Alfa Romeo is planning to develop a larger model in the United States instead of Italy in order for it to better suit the tastes of North American buyers.

As of now, very few details are known about this model and the brand’s CEO said the body style hasn’t even been decided yet.

What has been said is that this model is intended to compete against the BMW X5, the X6, and the 7 Series while also being part of the most profitable market segment in the world. This leads to believe that this future model will be a large mid-size luxury crossover.

In addition to developing this model in the United States, most likely at the former installations of Chrysler in Michigan which is now part of Stellantis’ American headquarters, Alfa Romeo is considering the possibility of manufacturing this vehicle in the country, which would be the first time one of the brand’s models is US-made.

There are still many unknowns about this upcoming product, and its powertrain is also one of them. Indeed, Alfa Romeo wants to become a 100% electric brand in 2027, which means that this model should be electric since it will launch in that same year.

However, since the brand hasn’t commented on this subject, it is still possible that technicalities or a change of plans mean this model will feature a gasoline engine.

Answers to all of the questions about this vehicle will be revealed in due time, but this might take a while since this model is not a priority for the brand at the moment since it plans to introduce at least five new models between now and the anticipated arrival of this US engineered project on the market.

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