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News All-New 2023 Honda Civic Type R Under Development

All-New 2023 Honda Civic Type R Under Development

The hotly-anticipated 11th generation Honda Civic Type R should pick up where the 10th generation car left off

  • Much of it is happening at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

  • The new Type R arrives in 2022.

  • Honda says it will be the best performing Honda Civic Type R ever.

Honda and Acura have the annoying habit of either missing the mark or doing the exact opposite and creating some of the most memorable cars of their era. One car they’ve never messed up is the Civic Type R. And Honda promises that the next one will be the best-ever.

2023 Honda Civic Type R | Photo: Honda

The all-new 11th generation Honda Civic has already proven to be an impressive compact car. More refined and competent than ever, it will serve as the base for the upcoming Si and Type R. The former, on paper, hasn’t exactly impressed aficionados however those who’ve so far had wheel time with it say it’s good.

Good, however, isn’t good enough for the Type R. The 10th generation FK8 Type R was, to put it simply, the greatest front-wheel-drive driving car, period. Fast, sharp, semi-civilized, ultra-competent, and somewhat ugly, it set an impossibly high bar for would-be competitors.

2021 Honda Civic Type R Review: Under the Spell of FWD Perfection

Right now, Honda engineers are beating on test mules at the world-famous Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The launch of the all-new 11th generation 2023 Honda Civic Type R is set for some time next year.

2023 Honda Civic Type R | Photo: Honda

2023 Honda Civic Type R | Photo: Honda

2023 Honda Civic Type R | Photo: Honda

2023 Honda Civic Type R | Photo: Honda

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