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NewsAll-New BMW M5 Touring Coming in Hot for 2024

All-New BMW M5 Touring Coming in Hot for 2024

Electrifying the Future: BMW's High-Performance M5 Touring Gears Up for 2024 Release

  • BMW confirms the development of the seventh-generation M5 Sedan and a new M5 Touring for 2024.

  • Both models to feature partially electrified drive systems, marking BMW’s progress towards electrification.

  • Testing of the new M5 Touring to commence soon, aiming for high-performance, practical usability.

BMW M has officially announced the development of its seventh-gen M5, with plans to augment the model range with a Touring version, both of which are in the thick of rigorous testing programs. The automaker is forging ahead with its strategy to revolutionize high-performance vehicles, with these models expected to debut in 2024.

Undergoing their practical phase of series development, the M5 Sedan and the Touring variant remain cloaked in mystery yet, their high-performance spirit is indisputable. They’re going through thorough testing on public thoroughfares, BMW Group’s test sites, and international racetracks.

Building on BMW’s four-decade history of setting benchmarks in driving dynamics, agility, and precision for high-performance sedans, the new M5 models are taking significant strides towards electrification. Each variant will sport a novel, partially electrified drive system that enhances its agility and dynamic capabilities. “We’re incorporating a hybrid drive system into other high-performance cars for typical M performance,” states Dirk Häcker, BMW M’s Development Head, underlining BMW’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The all-new BMW M5 Touring | Photo: BMW

The M5 Touring isn’t an entirely fresh concept for BMW. The brand unveiled the first M5 Touring in 1992, built upon the second-gen M5 Sedan, which became renowned for blending high performance with everyday functionality. A similar model was introduced with the fourth-gen M5 in 2007. The recent announcement follows closely on the successful launch of the first BMW M3 Competition Touring, bolstering the growing popularity of this unique vehicle concept in the premium high-performance cars segment.

In the near future, the new BMW M5 Touring will begin testing in urban settings, country roads, and motorways around Munich, as well as at the BMW M headquarters in Garching. Along with this, the comprehensive drive and suspension systems will be tested on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife, among other venues, with the objective of striking a perfect harmony between track performance and everyday, long-distance comfort.

The fate of this high-performance wagon in the Canadian market is uncertain. With the M3 Touring notably absent in Canada, whether the M5 Touring will buck the trend remains to be seen.

The all-new BMW M5 Touring | Photo: BMW


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