Monday, May 27, 2024
NewsAll-New Morgan Plus Four Coming to North America

All-New Morgan Plus Four Coming to North America

Plus Four means 2.0L turbo four

  • First Morgan here in almost 20 years

  • Roadster gets 2.0L BMW four

Anachronistic British car maker Morgan has just launched a new four-cylinder model. The Morgan Plus Four gets a 2.0L engine and styling to set it apart from the six, but this one is coming to America.

The Four in Morgan’s naming used to mean the number of wheels, not the number of cylinders. Plus meant more power. But that was back in the 1930s, and while things don’t change quickly at the company, they do change eventually.

Today, Plus Four refers to the car’s 2.0L BMW four-cylinder engine. It’s a familiar engine to BMW enthusiasts, and in this setting, it makes 255 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed stick is standard, but going for the eight-speed automatic means more torque (295 lb-ft) and less weight (1,009 kg vs. 1,013).

The Plus four has unique front headlights that are larger than previous models. The front fenders are new, too, made with a new forming technique that lets the company add more surfacing and change how the light impacts the surface. There are new splitters, front and rear, painted matte grey to try and disappear into the bumperless bodywork. It’s meant to look more like the early Morgan cars.

Suspension settings are tweaked for the smaller engine, but a Dynamic Handling Pack with adjustable dampers and spring perches will be available. Just how simple is this car? The rear anti-roll bar will be optional and part of the handling kit.

Other changes to the car include an updated lightweight Sennheiser audio system with hidden speakers. Drivers will also now be able to pause and skip tracks using the volume knob so the company can have fewer controls.

Yes, the new Morgan will still be made from wood. At least partially. Like its predecessors, the aluminum body is formed over an ash wood frame. The chassis, though, is still fully aluminum

Production starts in May of 2024, and for the first time in almost 20 years, this Morgan four-wheeler will be coming to America. No word on just when, but “the company is in advanced stages of approvals and is confident it will meet all requirements.”


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