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NewsAll New Vehicles Sold in the European Union Will Require an Anti-Speeding...

All New Vehicles Sold in the European Union Will Require an Anti-Speeding Module

It will be possible for the drivers to override the anti-speeding monitors

  • The new rule will go into effect in July 2024.

  • The technology will warn the driver and even slow a car down based on the posted speed limit.

The logic behind this bit of legislation is to reduce traffic fatalities. The European Commission notes that speeding is responsible for nearly 30% of all crashes. The new system should help reduce the number of accidents, at least that is the hope.

The monitors, called Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), will detect speed limits based on traffic sign recognition, technology already available in many new cars. This technology is not always reliable which is why the regulations will require the ISA to call upon existing map data and, according to The Drive, “deep learning” in case the speed limit cannot be determined from a sign.

Thankfully, for most, the technology will not have the final word when driving. Although it will warn the driver that they are speeding and gently cut power if need be, the person behind the wheel will still be able to override the system. While the source story notes vandalized road signs or poor weather as reasons to dismiss the ISA, traffic conditions are infinitely variable as speeding up could help avoid an accident.

Automakers have until July 2024 to equip their new vehicles with the so-called Intelligent Speed Assistance technology.


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