Thursday, September 16, 2021
News All Stellantis Brands Have A Decade To Prove They Deserve To Live

All Stellantis Brands Have A Decade To Prove They Deserve To Live

A decade won’t be enough for some of Stellantis’ brands to turn around and remain relevant

  • There are 14 brands under Stellantis.

  • All are being given an equal chance but they’re not all equal.

The large merger of car companies that became Stellantis last fall has many challenges ahead of it. One that’s weighed heavily on the recently formed FCA/PSA joining has been the sheer number of brands the one entity now harbours. All 14 have now been given a decade to prove their worth however it’s clear that not all will survive.

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle AWD | Photo: Olivier Delorme

From the onset, the survival of brands such as Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia, to name these three, has been in doubt. The main reason being that, before the merger, success and volume had eluded them for some time. And then there are Opel and Vauxhall which are all but in limbo at the moment.

On the other hand, money-makers like Jeep and Ram, volume brands like Fiat, Citroen, and Peugeot are more than likely to stay to course, according to The Truth About Cars.

A decade might seem like a long time but in the car business, the time period leaves no leeway for mistakes and second chances. Unlike the source story, we doubt Stellantis will invest in reintroducing a French brand to the North American market unless under a specific plan such as a car share program. It will be far simpler and more cost-effective to rebrand French vehicles, no matter what they are, as a Dodge or Chrysler.

We shall see.

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