Friday, December 9, 2022
News Alpine Adds Two More Models to its Future Lineup

Alpine Adds Two More Models to its Future Lineup

Alpine will develop two larger EVs specifically for markets outside Europe.

  • The French brand had already announced three new electric vehicles.

  • The two additional EVs will be larger vehicles aimed at markets outside of Europe.

  • These models should arrive once Alpine becomes a fully electric brand, after 2026.

Alpine, the sports-premium division of the Renault group is planning a return to North America and an entry to China with a number of electric vehicles.

After having announced three upcoming models (the A5 hot hatch, the GT-X grand tourer and the electric A-110 sports car), the brand is adding two new models to its future lineup of EVs.

As yet unnamed, these two models are said to be larger than the previous three in order to appeal to buyers outside of Europe and notably in China and North America, where Alpine expects about 15% of its sales to be in 2030.

Few details are known about the two EVs at the moment, but there are rumours that say they could be built on the same platform as the Nissan Aryia since the Japanese automaker is also part of the Renault group.

On the other hand, the fact that Alpine teamed up with Lotus on the A110 sports car could mean that a future Alpine SUV will be related to the new Lotus Eletre electric SUV.

Given this category’s popularity, it is very likely that at least one of the two larger Alpine models will be an electric SUV.

In order to keep its sporting heritage, Alpine could give these two models a level of power that is similar to the Porsche Taycan, which offers anywhere from 400 to 750 horsepower.

In terms of style, all of the brand’s upcoming models are expected to be inspired by the Alpenglow Concept hypercar. Elements that could be lifted from this show car include a full-width lightbar in the front, flower-petal wheels, and lighted transparent bodywork elements.

More details will be revealed in the coming years but potential buyers will have to be patient since both of the new electric models are only expected to arrive after the brand has completed its total electrification, after 2026.

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