Thursday, December 1, 2022
News Alpine Readies Alpenglow Concept Hypercar

Alpine Readies Alpenglow Concept Hypercar

Alpine is getting ready to show us a stunning concept

  • Alpine concept set to direct next-generation of brand’s design

  • Will make in-person debut at Paris Motor Show

Alpine is getting ready to launch a new concept car called the Alpenglow. The automaker says it will “embody the renewal” of the brand in design and technology, inspiring the design of its next vehicles.

For now, it’s just a tease of the futuristic-looking hypercar. An outline of the race car shape, with laser-sharp headlights and fenders bulging out over every tire.

The name of the car comes from a phenomenon of light found only in the mountains. Before sunrise and after sunset, a horizontal streak of red light can appear on the mountains, and that’s reflected in the light signature.

Alpine says that the name expresses its mission for the concept car. “To magnify the moment where the revolutionary forms and technologies of tomorrow are to be revealed.”

It hasn’t been long since the last re-imagining of Alpine. The brand was relaunched just five years ago with the A110 compact sports coupe. It had previously disappeared in 1995, becoming part of Renault Sport. Plans had started as far back as 2007 to bring Alpine back to the sports car scene, but this plan was frozen by the 2008 recession.

Along with the new styling direction, the Alpenglow will also mark the beginning of electrification for Alpine. It said last year that the company had formed an understanding with Lotus Cars to help develop the successor to the A110 as an EV.

Alpine will debut the Alpenglow on October 13th. Following the digital reveal, the car will be on display at the Paris Motor Show beginning October 17th.


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