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NewsAlpine unveils hotter version of the Renault 5 E-Tech; calls it A290

Alpine unveils hotter version of the Renault 5 E-Tech; calls it A290

  • The A290 is a hotter version of the Renault 5 E-Tech.

  • For now, there are no plans to bring this hot hatch to North America.


Alpine has just launched the A290, a more advanced variant of the adorable Renault 5 E-Tech launched earlier this year. For now, neither the regular variant nor this spicier edition is being considered for the North American market, but in today’s automotive industry, you can never say never.

In fact, Alpine has already indicated that it is considering North America as a potential market within the next few years. The years 2027 and 2028 have been identified as propitious times to re-enter Canada and the United States, and to do so with two utility vehicles.

And it’s a safe bet that if the public responds positively to Alpine’s entry on North American soil, the automaker may be tempted to add its sporty products.

But let’s get back to the new A290. It’s undeniably Alpine, with its bluish hue and unique light signature of four projectors. Wide fenders, side skirts and the optional French flag on the C-pillar are just some of the features of this supercharged Renaut 5 E-Tech. Also note the presence of Brembo brakes and oversized 19-inch wheels.

Compared to its Renault counterpart, which makes do with a 148 hp electric motor at the front, the A290 raises the adrenalin level a little with 217 hp between the front drive wheels, while maximum torque reaches 221 ft-lb. In this case, it’s the GT Performance livery, the most powerful in the A290 range, which explains the presence of this GT livery with 178 hp and 210 ft-lb of torque.

You must admit that this super-compact electric car would be in the same league as a certain Mini Cooper SE or even a Fiat 500e Abarth, if this variant is approved for our territory of course.

The A290’s range is attractive for a car that relies above all on performance, with 400 km possible between recharges.

Inside, the dashboard is of course based on that of the Renault 5 E-Tech, although the wizards of the sports wing have found a way to transform the ambience in Alpine style with a flat-bottomed steering wheel, more enveloping seats and a series of buttons for transmission control.

Small car lovers will have to look elsewhere in the months and years to come, but if Alpine makes a successful comeback in North America in a few years’ time, the dream of seeing the A290 on the continent’s streets is quite possible.


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