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An Autonomous Robot Could Charge Electric Cars in Parking Lots Without Fixed Charging stations

EV charging could be offered in any spots of a parking structure with the help of charging robots.

  • EV Safe Charge has been working on a robot name Ziggy since 2019

  • The robot will navigate to the car whose owner has reserved a charging session

  • The robot cannot plug and unplug its cable yet

With the proliferation of electric vehicles, access to public charging is becoming more of an issue, which leads to a number of different proposed solutions.

One of the more creative propositions is to use an autonomous robot to charge vehicles inside a parking structure.

This robot, named Ziggy, is the result of 3 years of work from EV Safe Charge, a company that specializes in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Essentially a refrigerator-sized battery on four wheels, Ziggy can be summoned via an app in order to make charging available to all of the spots of a parking lot instead of only a small number of bays.

Ziggy can also ensure drivers will find a parking spot since the robot will move from its own charging station to the correct location before the vehicle arrives in order to reserve the spot and prevent another driver from taking it.

Once they have arrived, drivers will scan their phone on a sensor mounted on Ziggy and then connect the charging cable.

One problem that won’t be fixed by Ziggy is EV drivers who hog the chargers after their battery is full since the robot is not able to plug and unplug itself, which means the driver has to return before it can go back to its home station to be ready for another charge.

This is why large parking lots will need to offer multiple Ziggys in order to meet the demand from their customers.

One potential solution to this problem is to charge drivers for the time the charger is connected to their vehicle rather than by the amount of energy consumed.

The company that makes Ziggy expects to begin its production next year and it says its first deliveries will take place in 2024.


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