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NewsApple CarPlay Finally Comes Back to Volvo

Apple CarPlay Finally Comes Back to Volvo

Volvo owners have been waiting for an OTA to include Apple CarPlay for about 18 months

  • Existing owners will get an over-the-air update with the function.

  • We wonder if this will apply to Polestar as well.

Nearly all of us, with late-model cars, take Apple CarPlay for granted. We’ve been using it as a daily feature to get around and be entertained but late-model Volvo (and Polestar) drivers have not. This is about to finally change as Volvo rolls out their latest over-the-air update.

Volvo YouTube | Photo: Volvo Cars

In a word, the lack of Apple’s CarPlay has been something of a cruel joke to iPhone users. The fancy and expensive phones account for roughly half of all smartphone sales, depending on the used metrics. There’s a good chance that 50% or more of Volvo owners also have an iPhone in their pocket. For them, salvation arrives soon.

“Through over-the-air updates, we can make sure that our customers can enjoy new features quickly and easily,” said Sanela Ibrovic, Head of Connected Experience at Volvo Cars. “It also means that a new Volvo car is no longer at its finest as it rolls off the factory floor, but keeps improving as we launch additional updates.”

That’s right, CarPlay is coming! Volvo says that the update will be available in 14 markets however it’s unclear if Canada is one of them. Volvo’s press release used for this story originated from Volvo UK. No such PR is available from Volvo Canada or the US at the moment.


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