Saturday, September 25, 2021
News Apple’s Autonomous EV Is Five To Seven Years Away

Apple’s Autonomous EV Is Five To Seven Years Away

Apple is still hard at work developing its own self-driving technology that could be integrated into its own car

  • Apple’s EV could take on Tesla and other EV companies.

  • It’s unlikely that Apple will build the car itself.

  • The tech company EV aspirations date back to 2014.

The whole idea of the “self-driving” car remains the holy grail of technological breakthroughs. Apple is actively working on the tech but the technology giant first set out to build an electric car back in 2014. The focus quickly shifts to autonomous tech but then backed off the project almost completely. Now, it’s back on.

Apple has gone on an engineer shopping spree in the last two years in an attempt to build a team that will eventually bring a “self-driving” car to market. While recent projects were limited to the technology alone, the goal now involves actually developing an EV to go with the autonomous tech.

According to Automotive News (subscription required), Apple is currently developing drive systems, vehicle interior, and external car body designs. Although this work is being done internally, it’s highly unlikely that Apple will actually assemble the car. In the past, Apple called upon Magna International to help out with the car project. Some reports suggest that Hyundai is also a contender.

As of now, Apple is aiming to begin production as early as 2024.

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