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News Aston Martin Builds 697 hp DBX707, Calls it Most Powerful Luxury SUV...

Aston Martin Builds 697 hp DBX707, Calls it Most Powerful Luxury SUV in the World

Aston builds most powerful luxury SUV

  • DBX707 gets more power, all-new gearbox

  • Track-ready SUV is going ‘Ring hunting

Aston Martin is calling it the most powerful luxury SUV in the world. The Aston Martin DBX707 is the brand’s first crossover, elevated to, like the name says, 697 hp.

That 707 figure is PS, making for some awkward gas station conversations when you have to tell passersby that your DBX707 makes 10 less than the name suggests, but thanks to the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 you’ll be able to get out of the situation in a hurry. 663 lb-ft of torque offers a whole load of shove to accompany that horsepower.

It makes 155 hp and 147 lb-ft more than the standard Aston Martin DBX, thanks to new ball-bearing turbochargers and a special engine calibration. The nine-speed automatic is a new wet clutch unit that doesn’t have a torque converter and is able to handle much more torque than the gearbox Aston used before. It also swaps cogs far more quickly and lets the DBX707 hit 60 mph in 3.1 seconds.

Massive 420mm carbon ceramic brake rotors up front with six pot callipers handle the stopping, with more cooling air and high-performance pads to make sure they can keep stopping. Aston says this one is headed to the Nurburgring, looking to set a new record for fastest SUV. 22-inch wheels are standard, and the limited-slip rear differential is a new unit meant to take the extra shove.

Aston Martin has tweaked the DBX707’s suspension as well, though it’s still the same air ride system. The automaker says the steering offers more feel, and that it’s easier to control direction using the accelerator. A new Race Start launch control mode has also been added.

The cosmetic treatment includes a larger grille and new DRL lights. Dark chrome window trim and new hood louvres match the grille, and there are wider side skirts. At the back, there’s a new lip spoiler, and space in the bumper for the quad tailpipes to exit.

Inside, DBX707 buyers get sport seats (but can opt for non-sport seats) with Alcantara or semi-aniline leather. The trim is dark chrome inside as well, with bronze metal mesh veneers on the options list. Aston’s Q branch will do almost anything in the name of customization for buyers who want it.

The Aston Martin DBX707 hits dealers in the second quarter of this year, with U.S. pricing from $232,000. Plus destination, naturally.


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