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News Aston Martin Could Use a Platform from Mercedes, Lucid or Rimac for...

Aston Martin Could Use a Platform from Mercedes, Lucid or Rimac for its Future EVs

Aston Martin is considering a number of potential partners to source a platform for its future EV.

  • The British automaker plans to introduce its first electric model in 2025

  • Mercedes-Benz has increased its stake in the company

  • Aston Martin and Lucid Motors have both benefited from large investments from Saudi Arabia

Aston Martin could base its first electric vehicle on a platform borrowed from either Mercedes-Benz, Lucid Motors, or Rimac.

According to the small automaker, its first EV could be a halo sports car that will be introduced in 2025.

Since this deadline is quite short and the automaker doesn’t have prior experience in building electric vehicles, it makes sense that it wants to partner with another company to develop this first model.

Doing so will also help Aston Martin reduce the costs associated with this project, which is quite important considering the state of the company’s finances.

Executives at Aston Martin have hinted at several possible partners, including Mercedes-Benz, Lucid Motors and Rimac.

Using a platform from Mercedes-Benz would make sense since the German automaker is already producing a few electric models and the two companies already have a working relationship since Mercedes owns a stake in Aston Martin, which it has recently increased.

In addition, Mercedes has been supplying gasoline engines to Aston Martin for a few years already.

The choice of Lucid Motors as a potential partner is somewhat more surprising since the American company has only just released its first model. However, the Lucid Air has already proved to be impressive, namely in terms of performance and range, which is the highest ever recorded for a production EV.

A link between both companies could also be facilitated by Saudi investors who have recently spent very large sums on Aston and Lucid.

The third possible choice mentioned by Aston Martin executives is Rimac, the small Croatian hypercar maker whose first electric model, the Nevera, has just received the green light to be sold in the United States.

Choosing Rimac as a partner could also be a viable choice considering that the British company has already claimed its first electric vehicle would be a halo hypercar, something that Rimac has proved it is able to do.

The final decision from Aston Martin will most likely be known in the coming months if its first electric vehicle is to arrive on time.

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