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NewsAston Martin Making Big Changes to Vantage, DB11, DBS For 2022

Aston Martin Making Big Changes to Vantage, DB11, DBS For 2022

New tech from Mercedes coming

  • All-New interiors for Aston’s front-engine sports cars

  • Engine and suspension upgrades also expected

Big changes are coming to the front-engine sports cars at Aston Martin. The changes to the Aston Martin Vantage, DBS, and DB11 for 2023 will be so big that the company boss says they’ll be more like new vehicles.

Company chair Lawrence Stroll said “you’ll be very impressed with the all-new ‘front-engines’ next year. There’s no similarity at all to the current cars,” Autocar reports. The upgrades will be substantial, starting with new suspensions, as well as gearbox and engine upgrades, but the update will also have heavily overhauled interiors.

“Finally, Aston Martin gets touchscreens,” Stroll said, while also explaining why the screens were missing before. It turns out that the agreement that saw Mercedes-Benz tech used in the cars limited Aston to technology that had been used in a Merc for at least three years.

“How can you have an Aston Martin that sells for £150,000 with three-year-old technology? It is a silly thing the previous management agreed to,” said Stroll.

Even the updated systems will be unique to Aston, says the report. “Our own faces, our own voices – a proper English accent,” is how Stroll described it.

The end goal is to boost sales of its sports cars to 4,000 units per year. Stroll feels that’s what real customer demand for the cars can support. As part of the company’s turnaround, it began building cars specifically to order, not for dealer inventory, and that has boosted retail sales.

Reveals are expected sometime near the end of this year, though Aston didn’t say if they would be staggered or arrive all at once.



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