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NewsAston Martin Shows Off New V12 Engine

Aston Martin Shows Off New V12 Engine

When a V8 simply won't do

  • Aston keeping the V12 alive

  • New flagship will get the V12 first

In a world of tiny turbocharged engines and decreased cylinder counts, there is at least one automaker committed to making big, beautiful, many-cylinder powerplants. Aston Martin has just announced that it will remain one of them, with a just-announced new V12 engine set to launch in its next generation of cars.

The new V12 has a stronger cylinder block and connecting rods. New cylinder heads and camshafts, relocated spark plugs, and new fuel injectors are all added in the name of improving performance as well as efficiency. To help boost performance (literally), the new V12 gets new lower-inertia turbochargers that can spin more quickly than before to help the engine’s throttle response.

Aston says the result is 824 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. The delightfully punchy and round figure of 1,000 Nm. Both figures are well above the 759 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque that the outgoing V12 offered. That power output came in the DBS 770, the last car to use the old engine and the most powerful series production car the company had ever built. The outgoing engine is 5.2L, and it’s not clear if the new one will have a higher or lower displacement.

“The V12 engine has long been a symbol of power and prestige, but it is also a statement of engineering passion and technical prowess. With 835PS and 1000Nm of torque this unparalleled engine represents nothing less than the dawn of a dazzling new V12 era for Aston Martin, said Chief Technical Officer Roberto Fedeli.

Aston isn’t revealing exactly what vehicle will get the new V12, saying only that it will be the “most exclusive and limited availability models.” Instead, it’s a tease. The new engine will first arrive in “a new flagship model” later this year. The V12 is likely to appear in the Vantage and DB12 models over the coming years.



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