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NewsAston Martin Will Keep Big Gas Power As Long as it is...

Aston Martin Will Keep Big Gas Power As Long as it is Allowed

Aston looking at PHEV V8 and V12

  • CEO said PHEVs coming, EVs delayed

  • First hybrid set to arrive this year

The Executive Chair of Aston Martin says the company will keep V8 and V12 combustion engines well into the next decade. He also said that its EVs will be coming, but they will be later than expected. He attributes this change to “a lot more hype in EVs, politically driven or whatever, than consumer demand.”

“For as long as we’re allowed to make ICE cars, we’ll make them. I think there will always be demand, even if it’s small,” Lawrence Stroll told Autocar, adding that he expects demand to stay high until at least the mid-2020s.

They won’t likely be purely gas-powered models, though. Stroll said he expected high demand for PHEV models well into the next decade as well. He said that the company’s clientele aren’t excited about V6 power, so the company will continue to use Mercedes-AMG V8s and introduce PHEV systems, as well as adding hybrid tech to its V12s. There is no word on when the first Aston PHEV will arrive.

Stroll said the company planned to launch its EVs at the end of 2025. “We have designed and ready one platform to take four different vehicles,” Stroll told Autocar. “We have all the products technically engineered and physically designed.”

But he called demand for EVs weak in the luxury segments. He cited that demand as the reason why the company was pushing back its EVs until 2027.

The company’s next project is its first hybrid, the V8 mid-engined Valhalla. A DBX refresh and DBS replacement are also imminent.


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