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News Audi Adopts New Naming Strategy to Differentiate Electric from Combustion Cars

Audi Adopts New Naming Strategy to Differentiate Electric from Combustion Cars

Audi is introducing a new naming convention, assigning even numbers to electric vehicles and odd numbers to combustion-powered models, simplifying differentiation for consumers.


  • Combustion models will carry odd-numbered badges, while EVs will have even numbers.

  • The electric A6 E-tron will debut in 2024, while the petrol A6 will be renamed A7.

  • E-tron branding, in use since 2009, will become more subtle in the future.


Audi is revamping its naming strategy in a move to clearly distinguish between its electric and combustion-engine vehicles. As the automaker broadens its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio, it’s decided to allocate even-numbered badges to EVs and odd-numbered ones to their combustion-engine counterparts.

2024 Audi Q4 e-tron | Photo: Audi

For instance, by 2024, Audi will introduce an electric version called the A6 E-tron. In contrast, the existing petrol-powered A6 will undergo a name change to become the A7. Another example is the upcoming Q6 E-tron, designed as the electric variant of the popular Q5. The Q5 itself is set to embrace a new generation of combustion engines in the same year.

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Audi’s technical chief, Oliver Hoffmann, highlighted that this initiative aims to offer customers a straightforward structure. By doing so, differentiation between the two powertrain categories becomes intuitive. Hoffmann emphasized that vehicles like the A6, integral to Audi’s core segment, represent the brand’s future direction towards electrification. Hence, assigning even numbers to battery-electric vehicles seemed a logical step.

2024 Audi Q4 e-tron | Photo: Audi

On the topic of the E-tron suffix, which has been synonymous with Audi’s electrified cars since 2009, Hoffmann noted that while the E-tron name would persist, its prominence would diminish. In the coming years, it’s anticipated that the E-tron badge will be integrated more subtly, much like Audi’s current TDI and TFSI designations for diesel and petrol models. Hoffmann believes that this approach offers clarity in a market saturated with various badges indicating vehicle types.

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