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NewsAudi Boss Acknowledges Company Has some Catching Up to Do

Audi Boss Acknowledges Company Has some Catching Up to Do

Audi CEO gives brand update

  • Audi wants to be at the forefront of tech again

  • All-in for EV, but has the ability to turn the ship

Audi‘s CEO plans to bring the automaker back to the forefront of high tech. And he said that the automaker is still planning to be fully electric in Europe and North America by 2033, though he does have a backup plan.

Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Audi CEO Gernot Döllner said that his job is to “bring Audi to the forefront again.” That means, he said, a focus on product, technology, the brand, and sales in China and North America.

Even new governments in Europe or America couldn’t change the plan quickly. “We have long had relevant legislation in place in all markets to reduce CO2 emissions and exhaust emissions. At present, there is no other technology than electromobility that could achieve these goals. Even if there is a willingness to change the laws again, we would not have a new political situation before the end of this decade.” He said that they can still make the transition back, though, as the company will have a new generation of combustion engines arriving in the next few years.

Despite the plans, Döllner acknowledged that Audi had some distance to cover versus its rivals. “Our goal is not only to be on an equal footing, but also to get ahead of these two competitors,” he said, speaking about BMW’s upcoming Neue Klasse EVS and the Mercedes MMA platform, “and we have some way to go.”


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