Tuesday, May 24, 2022
News Audi Could Launch an Electric RS6 Avant

Audi Could Launch an Electric RS6 Avant

Audi could give the RS6 Avant an electric counterpart

  • The Audi RS6 Avant is a high-performance wagon

  • The A6 e-tron concept could preview an electric version of the RS6 Avant

  • The gasoline model will be sold alongside the electric one for a few years

Audi recently revealed the A6 e-tron concept, which many think could preview an upcoming electric version of the RS6 Avant.

The RS6 Avant is one of Audi’s best liked performance cars, since it combines the thrills of a high-performance sedan with the practicality of a wagon, thus making it usable as a family car.

The A6 e-tron concept shows a hatchback with a sloping rear roofline, but there will probably be a wagon version of this concept, which will also be offered in the sportier RS form.

The combination of the wagon body and the RS electric powertrain could make an electric counterpart to the current RS6 Avant.

This vehicle would most likely be based on Volkswagen group’s PPE electric vehicle platform like the e-tron GT and the Porsche Taycan. The RS6 should have the same powertrain as the RS e-tron, meaning it could make around 637 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque.

Using the same platform as the e-tron GT means it could also have the same charging capabilities that can add 166 miles (267 kilometers) in 10 minutes, despite a range that will be lower due to the increased weight and the less aerodynamic shape.

The RS6 e-tron will reportedly not look as aggressive as the current version does, but its interior space should be a very close match.

The A6 e-tron and the RS6 e-tron should launch in 2023, with the wagon version possibly arriving later. If you want to buy a gasoline powered RS6 Avant, you don’t have to rush to your Audi dealer since the current model is expected to be sold alongside the new one for a few years before being discontinued.

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