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NewsAudi Going Even for Electric Odd for Combustion With New Name Plan

Audi Going Even for Electric Odd for Combustion With New Name Plan

Audi clearing up EV names

  • Want a sign EV is taking over? This is it

  • Last digit of name will tell you the powertrain

Audi is officially (and confusingly) renaming its lineup. The change comes as the brand works to make a distinction between its fully electric and combustion-powered vehicles and its EVs begin to land on the market.

“We are expanding our product portfolio with new electric-drive models and that is why we are restructuring our naming conventions,” CEO Markus Duesmann told German newspaper Heilbronner Stimm.

The current Audi car lineup starts from A1 and goes to A8. The crossovers start with Q and then there’s the Audi R8 sports car. Right now, there’s little difference between odd and even numbers in crossovers. In cars, even numbers are more traditional models and odd numbers are the more stylish Sportback.

Going forward, all EVs will have an even digit. A4, Q4, etc. Combustion models will have an odd number, Q3, A7, etc.

Audi has sneakily already started the rebranding. The Audi e-tron, the brand’s first electric SUV, was renamed the Q8 e-tron last year. This was a good call, because immediately after its launch Audi started using the e-tron name on all of its EVs. The Q4 e-tron EV also used the new scheme as there was no combustion Q4.

The lineup then included the e-tron, e-tron GT, and Q4 e-tron, all of which were very different models.

Mercedes-Benz is reportedly planning on dropping its EQ electric naming structure as soon as next year as well. No news on BMW’s i electric badge.



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