Wednesday, February 1, 2023
News Audi Launches All-New RS 3 Sedan, The Five-Pot Returns

Audi Launches All-New RS 3 Sedan, The Five-Pot Returns

Audi's compact rocket returns, this time with more green

  • RS 3 gets more torque and power under the curve

  • Little RS adds trick rear differential with drift mode


Audi‘s latest pocket rocket is here. The five-pot RS 3 returns with a bit more power, loads more torque, and a trick new rear differential that lets the ECU spoon out the power in the way that makes it the most like a weapon on the circuit or the street.

The 2.5L turbo-five is the heart of the little RS, which will be offered in sedan form here, and Sportback and sedan in Europe. The 2022 RS 3’s engine now makes 401 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It’s a slight power increase, but the torque boost is more meaningful. It shoves from 2,250 all the way through 5,600 rpm and then peak power arrives and stays until just through 7,000 revs.

0-100 km/h now takes 3.8 seconds and the 2022 Audi RS 3‘s top speed is as high as 290 km/h. Audi says that makes it the quickest and fastest in the class.

A seven-speed DCT box puts the power to the wheels via the RS Torque Splitter rear differential. The trick diff works by putting a clutch pack on either side of the differential. That lets Audi adjust the clutches to send the right amount of torque to each rear wheel. It allows a new drift mode that will send all of the torque to the outside rear wheel. It’s also calibrated for the semi-slick performance tires that will be an option for the car.

RS sports suspension is fitted with new dampers said to be more responsive and quicker-acting. Adaptive shocks are on the options list for those wanting even more grip and comfort.

The 2022 RS 3 gets big new brakes, with an optional carbon ceramic set for the front axle. The pads are larger and the cooling has been reworked, all of which should help make the car stop harder and for longer.

Audi RS-specific bodywork includes the rear diffuser and massive front grille, but even with the wide arches, the RS 3 is a subtle one. Inside it’s much of the same, though a carbon fibre dash and RS sport seats are present.

Audi expects to launch the 2023 RS 3 this fall. We’ll need to wait for Canada-specific availability and pricing.

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