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NewsAudi, Porsche Get Permission From the 'Rents To Enter F1

Audi, Porsche Get Permission From the ‘Rents To Enter F1

Volkswagen's looking at two F1 entries

  • Dad (Diess) says two companies can go racing

  • Expected to join around 2025’s new engine rules

Audi and Porsche are going to be joining Formula 1. The news is now confirmed, said the CEO of VW Group. The only part left is for both companies to find a team and partner with said team to put engines in race cars. Nothing big, then.

VW Group CEO Herbert Diess made the announcement today, Reuters reports. The reason? The heads of the brands made the case that joining F1 would bring in more money than the two could make if they stayed out of the high-level racing series.

“You just run out of arguments,” Diess said, on giving in to the requests.

Audi is said to be chasing McLaren as its partner for Formula 1. Reportedly ready to offer around half a million to become that company’s partner.

Porsche is expected to form a long-term partnership with Red Bull Racing.

Currently, McLaren uses Mercedes-Benz engines, while Red Bull uses a Honda powerplant it brands as its own.

Bad news for other Porsche racing teams, though. Diess said that the impact of F1 cars as ads was a big one. So as a result of this one big spend, the company will reduce its other racing activities. We’ve yet to learn what that might entail.

It will be a while before either automaker has its name on an F1 car. Or at least before they have their own parts installed. The new partnerships are expected to begin around the next generation of F1 engine rules. The second-generation hybrid power systems are expected to launch in 2025, with engine designs largely frozen until then.




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