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NewsAudi Recall Repair Recalled Once Again

Audi Recall Repair Recalled Once Again

Rear suspension link nut could corrode

  • Wrong nuts on suspension recall mean some vehicles are coming back

  • 100,000 Audi models recalled a second time to check the fix

One of the few things more embarrassing for an automaker than a recall is this. A second recall, issued after the fix for the first one was done incorrectly and has to be inspected and fixed all over again.

Around 150,000 Audi vehicles were initially recalled, with nearly all of its lineup affected, including A4, A5, A6, Q5, A7, Q8, and e-tron models built between 2019 and 2021, Automotive News Europe reports. The issue was with a nut on a rear suspension link that could break due to corrosion, changing vehicle alignment and potentially causing a loss of control and a crash.

Due to incorrect instructions, nuts that didn’t meet the correct specifications could have been used on those rear axle suspension links during the repair. That’s according to an Audi spokesperson, the report says.

“Due to stress corrosion cracking, there may be increased slack between the axle control arm and the wheel carrier, which restricts driving performance,” said the German motor transport authority.

This time the issue is not as severe. The report says that a broken nut can result in increased play between the suspension link and hub carrier, affecting rear axle alignment. This could lead to uneven tire wear, handling changes, and possibly a sudden loss of tire pressure. No deaths or injuries have resulted, Audi says, but the nut will need to be inspected and possibly replaced on around 100,000 of the already recalled vehicles.



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