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News Audi Teases the Next Q5, Now with Matrix LED Headlamps

Audi Teases the Next Q5, Now with Matrix LED Headlamps

The next Audi Q5 might be revealed in the coming days.

  • The next Audi Q5 could be unveiled later this week at the L.A. Auto Show.

  • Matrix LED headlamps provide better visibility and customizable DRL designs on some models.

  • This model is likely to be offered with a mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Audi has begun teasing the next generation of its popular Q5 compact crossover, starting with a single image that shows off the upcoming model’s Matrix LED headlamps.

While this gives us very few details about the appearance of the vehicle, these headlamps are quite interesting on their own.

Indeed, this lighting technology, which has recently been made legal on U.S. roads, is a lot more advanced than most other headlamps on the market.

By using sensors and configurable LED elements, these headlamps can quickly modify their lighting pattern in order to match the contours of the road or to create a dark area around other vehicles.

This means that Matrix headlamps can provide much more visibility at night than traditional LED headlamps while generating less glare for other drivers.

While this technology has been in use for some time in Europe, it was still illegal in the United States until fairly recently, which meant that vehicles equipped with Matrix LED headlamps had to have their adaptive abilities disabled by software.

In addition to these features, Audi’s own Matrix LED headlamps also feature customizable daytime running lamps and dynamic turn signals that create a unique visual signature for its vehicles.

Going back to the upcoming Q5, these headlamps are likely to be paired with OLED taillamps, another new technology that makes the vehicle more visible and more distinctive at night.

While very few details have been revealed by Audi about the future Q5, we know it won’t be fully electric.

Indeed, this is because the company’s new naming structure calls for even numbers in the case of electric models and odd numbers for combustion-powered versions.

Instead, the new Q5 is likely to be powered by a combination of mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, just like the current model.

Inside, the next Q5 could share some of its design work with the newly revealed Q6 e-tron concept, which will enter production in a few years, such as a curved panel that includes both the driver information and infotainment screens, as well as a third screen placed directly in front of the passenger.

More details could be available soon since there are rumours that Audi might unveil the next Q5 later this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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