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NewsAudi Unveils New Charging Hub in Munich with Enhanced Features

Audi Unveils New Charging Hub in Munich with Enhanced Features

Audi launches its fifth charging hub in Munich, enhancing the user experience through collaboration with &Charge and an augmented reality initiative in Nuremberg.


  • Audi’s new Munich charging hub offers advanced features, including quick-charging points with up to 320 kW power.

  • Partnership with &Charge allows users to review charging stations and earn rewards.

  • An augmented reality pilot project introduced at the Nuremberg hub offers a unique digital experience.


Audi has expanded its electric vehicle infrastructure by inaugurating its fifth charging hub, this time in Munich’s Obersendling district. This latest installment is a part of Audi’s ongoing effort to redefine charging standards, especially in urban settings.

Audi Charging Hub | Photo : Audi

This Munich hub is equipped with four state-of-the-art quick-charging stations, each capable of delivering up to 320 kW of power. One of the standout features of this hub is the power cubes – repurposed lithium-ion batteries from research vehicles that are now used as buffer storage units. These cubes ensure a consistent power supply, boasting an energy capacity of 1.05 megawatt hours, enough to charge approximately 60 vehicles before any decline in charging power.

Audi Charging Hub | Photo : Audi

Bastian Geretshauser, the project manager for the Munich hub, emphasized the strategic location of the facility in a bustling residential zone, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and recreational areas. While the hub is open to all vehicle brands, Audi drivers enjoy special privileges. They benefit from discounted charging rates and the convenience of reserving charging points through the myAudi app. Drivers not using Audi vehicles can access the on-the-spot charging feature using different payment options.

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To further enhance the user experience, Audi has collaborated with &Charge, a platform that encourages public feedback on charging stations. This partnership aims to collect invaluable user insights about the station’s usability, hygiene, and overall ambiance. In return for their feedback, users can earn “free kilometers”.

2024 Audi SQ8 e-tron | Photo: Audi

Moreover, Audi is not stopping at just physical enhancements. They’re merging the digital with the tangible through an augmented reality pilot at their Nuremberg hub. In partnership with Vodafone, this feature allows users to use their smartphones to gain insights into various points of interest within the hub. Maximilian Oberacher, who manages innovative services for the charging hub, mentioned that users could view digital renderings, like virtual Audi e-tron models, illustrating the utility of interconnected batteries.



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