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NewsAutomobili Pininfarina unveils the B95 in Monterey

Automobili Pininfarina unveils the B95 in Monterey

  • The B95 production is limited to 10 .

  • The price is 4,4 million euros.

  • The B95 is powered by four motors with 1,874 hp on tap.


The Monterey Car Week is a gathering dedicated to enthusiasts of exceptional cars from all eras. While there are plenty of classic cars at this week-long event dedicated to automotive excellence, the electric future of the industry must not be forgotten.

For Automobili Pininfarina, it was the perfect place to unveil the brand’s latest EV creation: the Pininfarina B95. At first glance, the B95 is a Barchetta exotic. The ten customers – because production of this electric hypercar will be limited to 10 copies – who dare to acquire this high-level sports car will need to purchase a helmet.

Pininfarina states that the B95 has been designed according to the PURA design philosophy. Admittedly, the car has a more streamlined body than the Battista, the group’s other exotic. The B95’s front end is as aerodynamic as possible, while the fenders are rounded at both ends. A pair of taillights are fitted under the natural spoiler and over the functional diffuser.

Inside, the cabin is already the talk of the town, with its houndstooth-patterned headrests and the rest of the upholstery covered in caramel-colored leather. The dashboard is also of its time, with a trio of screens for the driver and a fourth for the passenger. What’s more, the two bulges created by these displays are assisted by these adjustable diffusers in front of the screens. As for carbon fiber, it’s well represented in this small cabin.

Unsurprisingly, the Pininfarina B95 borrows a number of components from the Battista, notably its 120 kWh battery pack and its quartet of electric motors (one per wheel), which boost power to 1,874 hp. All this cavalry enables the car to reach 60 mph (or 96 km/h) in less than two seconds, just like the Battista. Top speed is more than 300 km/h. The range between recharges has not been disclosed, but we do know that recharging takes 25 minutes to increase the battery’s energy from 20% to 80%.

Of course, this very special car comes with a very special price tag of 4.4 million euros, a handsome sum for a car that requires its owner to carry a helmet to use it. On the other hand, this life-size toy is likely to be used on closed circuits around the world.


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