Monday, September 27, 2021
News Aznom Palladium is the Most Luxurious Ram Ever

Aznom Palladium is the Most Luxurious Ram Ever

Aznom makes a The Beast inspired limo for off-roading

Aznom calls Palladium Off-Road Luxury

Ram Pickup with Leather, Carbon, Turbos

Italian car builder Aznom how now revealed what they’re calling a hyper-limousine, a sort of off-road sedan that looks like a pickup truck with a trunk, aimed at the ultra-rich. And, if the Aznom Palladium looks a lot like a pickup, that’s because it is.

Because this is like nothing else, we’ll start with the name. Palladium refers to the silvery lustrous metal in the platinum group that’s used for jewellery and catalytic converter, but it’s also a callout to Italian architect Andrea Palladio, famous for his mansions that used ancient Greek and Roman styles.

Like Aznom’s previous efforts, this is essentially a restyled and luxurified Ram 1500 pickup, and yes, you did read that correctly. Look closely enough at the exterior and you can see it, though it’s well-camouflaged thanks to the new nose and the roofline that extends back from the cabin into an enclosed cargo storage area. Some of those body panels are carbon fibre. Cargo access is through a side-opening that’s not quite a tailgate. Company boss Marcello Meregalli said that he was inspired by the Cadillac Limousine unveiled for President Obama called The Beast for the design.

On the inside, the Ram roots are far more obvious, including the truck’s entire dashboard including the 12-inch infotainment screen. It has been extensively retrimmed, though, including Foglizzo leather on every surface (even the ceiling), with “valuable materials” and trims finishing out the cabin. Two independent air conditioning systems are fitted, and a touchscreen on the door controls the lights, AC, fridge, and door closing and opening functions. Rear passengers get two Microsoft Surface X Pro tablets and the Palladium comes with a full set of luggage and an umbrella.

Powering the Palladium is a 5.7L V8 that’s had twin-turbos fitted for 710 hp. It still offers displacement on demand, selectable 4×4, and FCA’s eTorque mild-hybrid system can be fitted. Aznom is planning to build 10 vehicles, saying that they will offer customisation like that of a shipyard for a private yacht.


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