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News BASF Designers Make Car Colours of the Future

BASF Designers Make Car Colours of the Future

Shades of future in BASF colour trends collection

  • Designers defining 3-5 year trends

  • Offer up impressive new finish options

While it seems like everyone picks their vehicle in shades of white, grey, or some other dull hue, the 2020-2021 Automotive Colour Trends collection from paint-makers BASF gives us some hope that maybe better days are coming when it comes to automotive finishes as they show off what they think will be popular over the next few years.

The newest colour collection is called Code-X and it’s a display of colours that BASF designers want to inspire designers of vehicles that will be on the road in the next three to five years. BASF has come up with shades that it feels will be important in certain regions, as well as a set of global key colours.

Automotive Color Trends | Photo: BASF

Globally, BASF says that “as new thinking drives big transitions in the values around society, identity and progress, this collection represents the blend of the physical and digital worlds to stay hopeful and positive while coping with change.” The colours here include a grayish green that it says represents “flexible values and behaviours that will change the world,” a reimagination of beige to make it “warmer…uniquely different and distinctively younger,” and a dark grey that adds texture to that shade that “signals the new normal: nothing is mundane; everything
has an important story.”

For North America, BASF’s colour trends include three shades. The first a redolent red that it says helps to evoke strength and presence of mind. The second is the same Dark Seltzer that is on the world chart, and the third is called Abstraction Blue, a colour that “reflects a straightforward primary colour space unencumbered by any associative texture.”

Talking about the shades for North America, BASF Americas head of design Paul Czornij said that “it’s refreshing to see just how much the consumer is willing to forego traditional norms of beauty in order to satisfy the hunger for smart and responsible colour designs.”

While this is more thought than we think we’ve ever put into automotive paint, the insight into what goes into what might seem like a simple design choice is fascinating. As are the shades the company has created.

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