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NewsBC Hydro to convert to NACS: Will Quebec’s Circuit Électrique follow suit?

BC Hydro to convert to NACS: Will Quebec’s Circuit Électrique follow suit?

BC Hydro confirmed in late June that it its charging network would transition to NACS chargers, further cementing Tesla’s connector in the lead position.



·      BC Hydro’s charging network will transition to NACS.

·      The state-owned company confirmed the news on Twitter.

·      Quebec’s Circuit Électrique might follow suit.


BC Hydro, British Columbia’s only electricity manufacturer, has confirmed in late June that it would transition its vehicle charging network CCS/CHAdeMo chargers to NACS chargers in the near future. The news was confirmed by a Tweet, as the government entity replied to a comment from a reader calling it out on its position in the NACS vs CCS debate.

Bc Hydro NACS | Photo : Twitter
Bc Hydro NACS | Photo : Twitter

We currently don’t have additional information as to how, when and where this transition will take place, but we wouldn’t be surprised if adapters found their way to current charging stations sooner rather than later. The 2nd phase of the transition (converting charging stations and installing new ones to NACS) will most likely take a few years to be completed.

General Motors and Tesla Collaborate to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure

Several charging networks have already announced the upcoming addition of the NACS plugs, including EVgo and Electrify America. The switch from CCS1 to NACS in North America accelerated once Ford and General Motors announced agreements with Tesla to adopt its charging solution. Charging equipment maker SK Signet, which makes equipment for the likes of Electrify America, has also announced that it’ll support the NACS.

Circuit Electrique NACS | Photo : Twitter
Circuit Electrique NACS | Photo : Twitter

In Quebec, Circuit Électrique confirmed via Direct Message with a Twitter user that it was already looking into adding NACS adapters to its current charging infrastructure, but no words on the modification of the actual chargers or future addition of NACS. It would be surprising if the entity were to not pursue such endeavors, but how quickly will it do so is a more relevant question to ask.




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