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NewsBentley Reveals V8 Hybrid to Replace W12

Bentley Reveals V8 Hybrid to Replace W12

80 km go-fast hybrid

  • V8 offers lower emissions, electric range

  • Comes with more horsepower to boot

The W12 engine has been a big part of Bentley’s character since shortly after the Volkswagen Group ended up with the company. The powerful but oddly-configured engine is finally at the end of its run, but the company has just announced a replacement. No, it’s not another 12-cylinder. It’s a V8. With plug-in hybrid assist.

Bentley is holding back some of the details about the new enigne. The displacement, for example, is not known, but the company is saying it is a “performance hybrid” and that it will make 740 hp. That’s 90 hp more than the 6.0L W12 made in its final iteration, the Continental GT Speed. The engine will make “four-figure torque” as well, though Bentley likely means Newton meters, not foot-pounds. 1,000 Nm is 738 lb-ft.

The engine will also offer 80 km of electric range. That’s an impressive figure, especially since it will be in one of Bentley’s very large and very hefty luxury models. Expect that to mean a pretty sizeable electric battery.

To go with the announcement of the new engine, Bentley released an audio file. It sounds more like a performance engine from a big muscle car, and not the quiet and refined sound we expect from Bentley.

Bentley built 105,000 copies of the W12 in its two-decade run, which marked the brand’s highest level of sales in its history. The new engine might not be as glamorous, but it’s not likely to slow the brand’s growth in the slightest. Now to wait for it to finally appear in the first vehicle.



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