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News Bespoke “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT Coupé From McLaren Special Operations

Bespoke “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT Coupé From McLaren Special Operations

This unique “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT Coupé was delivered in Toronto. We hope we get to see it in person someday.

Driving around in a leased used 2014 BMW 3 Series doesn’t mean you have money. In fact, the person cruising about in his or her purchased 2018 Toyota Corolla probably has more in the bank than the BMW guy even though he wears a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph. When you custom-order a one-of-one McLaren 600LT Coupé loaded McLaren Special Operations enhancements, no one wonders how well off you are.

The car in question was delivered by McLaren Toronto (go Canada!) to a long-term customer. This probably means he or she has a Senna, a GT and thought a bespoke 600LT Coupé would round out the collection nicely. Can you tell we’re a little jealous?

The deal with this car is the paint scheme. In McLaren’s words:

“In a painstaking multi-step process that took MSO technicians 120 hours to complete, MSO applied bespoke “Comet Fade” paint to both the exterior of the car and to several interior pieces. The MSO Bespoke Exterior Body Paint – Coriolis Blend – is made featuring MSO Bespoke Cerulean Blue, which fades into MSO Defined Burton Blue, which then fades into MSO Bespoke Atlantic Blue.”

The paint job was clearly a stroke of brilliance but it doesn’t end here. The “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT Coupé also features a carbon fibre roof scoop, a tribute to the legendary McLaren F1, and no less than three different carbon fibre upgrade packages. On top of it all, or is that below, the car sports a set of  10-spoke ultra-lightweight gloss black alloy wheels.

Is there more? Is there more! The “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT Coupé is also garnished with the Clubsport pack with ultra-lightweight carbon fibre race seats, more carbon fibre on the inside as well as numerous MSO bespoke blue accents throughout the cabin.

If that wasn’t enough, the car starts off as a McLaren 600LT Coupé!! Price paid for this car is not included in the press release. We suspect it’s because the number doesn’t fit in a standard 550-word document. We’re guessing the final tally was upwards of $600,000 USD, from a base price near the $300,000 USD mark.

Source: McLaren

McLaren 600LT Comet Fade by MSO | Photo: McLaren

McLaren 600LT Comet Fade by MSO | Photo: McLaren

McLaren 600LT Comet Fade by MSO | Photo: McLaren

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