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Best EV Best Electric Cars 2019 Nomination: Volkswagen e-Golf

Best Electric Cars 2019 Nomination: Volkswagen e-Golf

It’s very easy to see the appeal of the Volkswagen e-Golf. For starters, it doesn’t look like an EV. It simply looks like a regular Volkswagen Golf.

It has the same low-key yet refined European hatchback design as the gas-powered versions, and only true connoisseurs will be able to differentiate the electrified model.

Behind the wheel, there’s obviously no sound coming from the engine, but the overall dynamics are very, very similar to your run-of-the-mill 1.4-liter turbo Golf. Handling is tight and precise, and the e-Golf feels extremely solid on its wheels. It’s planted and gives off an impressive feeling of control and stability.



Like the Golf R, you can get your e-Golf in one of 40 available colors. The problem, however, is that stocks are quickly depleted, and you may have trouble finding an electric Golf in VW dealerships.

That said, if you can get your hands on one and you want a different EV experience, one that closely resembles the feeling you get in a relatively sporty car, the e-Golf is the way to go.

Volkswagen e-golf interior

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Power and Range

The 2019 e-Golf’s electric motor delivers 134 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque. It feels just as fast and snappy as a Nissan LEAF while being more fun to drive overall. It’s not quite as peppy as a Bolt and far from the Model 3 in terms of performance, but if you enjoy driving you’ll enjoy the e-Golf.

A 35.8-kWh battery powers the e-Golf and provides up to 201 kilometers of range, or 125 miles. It’s less than the LEAF, Bolt or Tesla Model 3, but on par with the Hyundai IONIQ. You’ll need about 5 hours to charge the battery to its fullest with a 240 V outlet.

As our Best Electric Cars of 2019 competition continues, we have to give a nod to the e-Golf for being the best driver’s EV available on the market. You won’t ever feel like you’re driving an EV either, which for some is a strong selling point.

2018 Chevrolet Bolt vs. 2018 Nissan LEAF vs. 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf

Range isn’t among the best in the EV segment, but for many individuals 200 kilometers will be more than enough. It’s up to you to determine if you fit within that group. On the other hand, the e-Golf’s starting price ($36,355 in Canada, $30,495 in the U.S.) is higher than the LEAF’s which has more range, and about the same as the Hyundai IONIQ.

There is no price or range advantage to choosing the Volkswagen e-Golf, its appeal lies elsewhere in less tangible areas. You’ll see what we mean out on the road.

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