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Bill Ford Urges UAW to End Strike for the Sake of the Auto Industry

As reported by Automotive News, Bill Ford, Ford Motor Co.’s Executive Chair, calls on the UAW to conclude their strike, emphasizing its broader implications for the American auto industry.


  • Ford Motor Co. Executive Chair Bill Ford appeals to UAW leaders to end the ongoing strike.

  • The month-long strike affects 34,000 workers across 44 U.S. facilities.

  • The prolonged strike may give competitors like Tesla and Toyota a competitive edge.


As highlighted by Automotive News, the future of the American automobile industry faces a significant challenge with the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike. Bill Ford, Ford Motor Co.’s Executive Chair, vocalized his concerns on Monday, urging UAW leaders to cease the month-long strike. He emphasized that the prolonged standoff not only threatens Ford’s competitive standing against rivals such as Tesla and Toyota but also jeopardizes the broader American auto industry.

Ford Headquarters Dearborn, Michigan | Photo: Ford

Speaking from the company’s iconic Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford indicated that the industry is at a pivotal juncture, especially during this round of contract negotiations. He stressed that competitors are capitalizing on this strike, knowing that the longer it persists, the more advantageous it becomes for them.

Ford Boosting Expedition and Navigator production
Ford Boosting Expedition and Navigator production at Kentucky Plant

Bill Ford’s decision to publicly address the issue stems from his unique vantage point. He has been an integral part of every UAW contract discussion since 1982 and has been with the company since a few years before that. Renowned for his pro-union stance, Ford claims to be the most “pro-union leader in the industry.” The current strike began on September 15, starting with three assembly plants. It has since grown, affecting approximately 34,000 workers across 44 U.S. facilities.

Ford Kentucky Truck Plant

Recent developments saw the UAW intensify their actions, targeting Ford Motor’s largest and most lucrative plant, the Kentucky Truck. This escalation led to the doubling of Ford workers on strike to 16,600. Interestingly, Ford offers the highest pay among the three automakers, yet it has more workers on strike compared to General Motors and Stellantis.

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Bill Ford underscored the immediate and potential ramifications of the strike. It not only affects tens of thousands of Americans, including workers, suppliers, and dealers, but its continuation could also have profound consequences for the American economy and local communities.

In concluding remarks, Ford shared his belief in setting aside personal emotions and focusing on reaching a resolution. He emphasized the importance of unity post-negotiations, saying that the two sides need to reconvene as one cohesive unit, working in tandem for the future.


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