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NewsBMW and Pirelli Launch Range-Boosting Winter Tire for EVs

BMW and Pirelli Launch Range-Boosting Winter Tire for EVs

New P Zero Winter 2 Tire Enhances EV Range by Up to 50 km and Performance

  • The new tire can extend EV range by up to 50 km in winter conditions.

  • Developed for the BMW 7 Series, aligning with BMW’s performance standards.

  • Incorporates renewable materials, reducing the carbon footprint in manufacturing.

BMW and Pirelli have unveiled an innovative new winter tire designed to significantly increase the driving range of electric vehicles, such as the BMW i7 sedan.

The 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tire, developed specifically for the BMW 7 Series, meets the highest “A class” rating for low rolling resistance under European Union tire labelling regulations.

Thanks to technological advancements in the tread pattern and tread compound, this winter tire can allow an electric BMW to travel up to 50 kilometres farther on a single charge than a conventional winter tire.

“This collaboration represents a milestone in extending range capabilities for winter tires,” said Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi, BMW’s Senior Vice President of Driving Dynamics Development. “We’re offering customers an exceptional driving experience that combines snow and wet performance with a major range boost for our EVs.”

Winter tires typically reduce electric vehicle range due to higher rolling resistance from the specialized rubber compounds and tread designs needed for traction on snow and ice. The new P Zero Winter 2 overcomes this disadvantage through breakthroughs by BMW and Pirelli engineers.

The co-developed tire aligns with both companies’ sustainability goals by utilizing renewable materials where possible and reducing the carbon footprint at manufacturing plants.

Under Pirelli‘s “Perfect Fit” strategy, the tire was customized to meet BMW’s strict performance criteria, earning the certification required to receive BMW’s star label of approval.

The partnership allows BMW to offer what both companies call an uncompromised premium driving experience, providing electric vehicle owners with comfort, performance, and an extended range in winter conditions.

BMW plans to make the low-rolling-resistance winter tire available first on the BMW 7 Series starting in August 2024, with the BMW X3 SUV following in the second half of next year. Additional models could be added to the rollout in the future.


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