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NewsBMW Brings Back Clownshoe as Stunning Z4-Based Concept

BMW Brings Back Clownshoe as Stunning Z4-Based Concept

BMW goes out on a styling limb once again

  • Shooting brake concept debuts in Italy

  • Model could see limited production


BMW has created another Clownshoe. The Concept Touring Coupe is a two-seat shooting-brake-style coupe based on the Z4 and revealed at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy.

You might remember the first BMW to get dubbed the Clownshoe, the 1998-2002 Z3 Coupe. The model was a Z3 roadster with a roof and a hatchback, and while it looked a bit odd it was surprisingly practical. And while it was a slow seller, the car is now a cult favourite. So much so that BMW brought the idea back in 2006 with a Z4 version, though that one was much more conventional-looking.

But that wasn’t the first time BMW designed and produced a cab-rearward coupe with a lumpy roof. The first was the 328 Touring Coupe of 1939, but there were also Touring versions of the BMW 2002 in the 1970s.

Now the look is back, at least in concept car form.

From the back of the doors forward, this is a brand-new BMW Z4, but from there, things get a bit strange. There is new rear bodywork and a B-Pillar is added. It is also the only current Z4 with a roof since that car is a convertible.

The cabin is more luxurious than the production Z4, with leather nearly everywhere including the cargo bay supplied by furniture company Poltrona Frau. A cargo bay that can hold three bespoke bags.

Perhaps strangest of all is that BMW isn’t ruling out this car making it from concept to production. In interviews at the Concorso, BMW told reporters that it had the capacity to build a few thousand of these Touring Coupes per year. While the cost would likely vastly exceed a standard Z4, we’d sure love to see them on the road.



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